Medical Liability Reform

Our nation’s health care system is facing a medical liability crisis due to rising medical liability insurance premiums. Because of these skyrocketing insurance premiums, doctors in many states are being forced to limit services, retire early, or move to another state with lower insurance costs.  Read More

Medicare Reform

An AMA survey shows that drastic cuts in Medicare payments will make it harder for patients to see their doctor. Many doctors also reported that more Medicare patients are now being treated in emergency rooms for conditions that could have been treated in a physician’s office, that it’s gotten harder to refer patients to certain medical and surgical specialists, and that many seniors now have to travel further for needed medical care. Read More

Truth in Advertising

Truth in Advertising highlights the need for health care providers to clearly and honestly state their level of training, education and licensing. Patients deserve to have this information when in face-to-face encounters as well as when they read health care practitioners’ advertising, marketing and other communications materials. Read more.

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