Jodi E. - Adelanto

As a school teacher who can no longer work because of a serious medical condition from which I am not expected to recover, I have needed Medicare and Medicaid for years. I have a wonderful doctor and she deserves proper payment. I know there are people out there, both Dr. and patient who abuse the system and should not have or be paid under these benefits, but I've never met one. I believe these are few and far between. I also believe that despite my inability to work, I have been and will always be a valuable member of society, just like a wounded soldier, and my medical providers deserve proper pay from Medical and Medicaid for proper services rendered. Yes, the system is fatally flawed. It is our job to fix it appropriately for the sake of those who do a great job caring for those of us who need it, and for those who are forced into the system due to our health and the denial of other available benefits to us patients either due to financial or medical reasons. My daughters are 17 and 18 with the same health issue I have and I cannot insure them for under $500/mo, without Medical or Medicare, when we live on $800/mo. Do they deserve to die because health care is in such shambles. Maybe, with the proper care, they will be able to recover and be very useful to society. Don't they deserve a chance? Don't I? Don't our doctors deserve proper pay for caring for us?