Sharon B. - Harrisville

I am a very brittle diabetic patient and if the cuts go through I will have a harder time getting my continous glucose monitor supplies and insulin pump supplies with the proposed cuts. My life literally depends on these supplies. It is nearly impossible to find a good endocrinology doctor because of the limited payments to doctors and hospitals already in place. Patients with Tricare Prime can no longer go to the diabetic specialist in Butler. PA Because Tricare no longer will use the provider. If the catastrophic cap is met and the hospital has to take Tricare only then We are turned away from the hospital ( I thought that was illegal) WHAT ARE WE THE PATIENTS TO DO IF THIS HAPPENS AND WE ARE IN A DIABETIC AND OR HEART EMERGENCY AND ARE TURNED AWAY (OUR LIVES ARE AT STAKE) WE DO NOT WANT TO DIE BEFORE OUR TIME IS REALLY HERE BECAUSE OF MEDICARE OR TRICARE !!!