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Florida Testimonials

Dr. Madelyn Butler - Tampa
Emma L. - Boca Raton

Cuttin the doctor's fees by 20% will eliminate many from treating medicare patients and/or rasing the copayments of seniors who live on social security and can ill afford their medical expenses now. Don't disenfranchise us from good medical care. If e have to go to emergency rooms for care, it will cost the govt more money. Don't you people care about anyone but yourselves.

Matthew T. - Matlacha

As a Medicare recipient , I know the importance of this , its already difficult to find a Doctor willing to take Medicare on assignment. More cuts will only make a bad situation even worse. We are Human Beings, not livestock.

Henry B. - Marathoin

As a WW II vet on Medicare, I'm concerned that my doctor won't be able to see me any more.

steven s. - sarasota

i urge u to stop the medicare 21% cut on medical fees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barbara C. - Perry

Our town has a limited amount of G.P. Dr's. If Medicare is cut, our primary Dr. may refuse to treat us. Please don't do this!!!

Ann A. - Naples

My husband is an Internal Medicine physician with a large practice, over 5000 patients. Over 70 % are Medicare recipients. If the cuts take place, he will no longer accept new Medicare patients and he will stop taking Emergency Room call. This will compound the issues of already inadequate access of medical care to senior citizens in our community. In addition the fiscal realties are no small business can sustain a 21% cut in 70% of its income without ramifications. Patient services will be diminished; employees and benefits such as health insurance will either be decreased or cut out altogether. Lastly he will consider closing his practice and looking for other patient care opportunities where Medicare is not integral to business viability.

Christine P. - Deltona

This will affect me very bad for I only get a small amount from SS and if they cut things I will not be able to see my pain management Dr. It has already affected me for I now have a co-pay of $135.00 I have to pay up front. Due to that I am not even able to see my pain management Dr. I had to cancel my apointment. I will also have to cancelmy apointment with my nurologist for I can not aford to pay that kind of money up front or even in payments, my SS check is to small I do have to live. I think it is disgusting what they are doing to the little people. Thay are not helping us as they said they would do, thay are hurting us BIG TIME. I feel that they are trying to push us out of medicare and just let us die away for we are not giving anything to the gov. now, we are costing them as they see it they done see all the years we put into the medicare program when we were able to work. I use to at one time belive in my goverment but theyu have cause me not to believe in them any more, they talk of what they are going to do for the people but only the rich get better and we just keep going down hill. I am not even sure if I will vote the time it comes around. This goverment has really disapointed me BIG TIME.
Thank you for giving me thechance to say how this medicare cut will affect me.

Cheistine Plasencia


I am very concerned about Medicare cuts. I am disabled and I could not get health insurance from any company before I was covered by Medicare.

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