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Texas Testimonials

M.L. M. - Houston

As an over-65 American I resent being forced to give up my trusted family doctor whose practice has dropped out of Medicare because the reduced payments no longer meet their expenses. My only other option would be to enroll in a subsidized for-profit plan.

Barbie R. - Austin

The doctor I work for is seriously considering withdrawing from Medicare if the cuts happen. Medicare patients are more than 50% of our practice and we would have to let staff go. We provide a service that is needed and not a lot of doctors can do it. Where will our Medicare patients go if we stop taking Medicare?

Tess G. - Wichita Falls

My husband and I are seniors. My husband is retired from the Air Force. He defended our country in tw wars. Korea and Viet Nam. He was injured in both. Now he depends on Medicare and TRICARE. Without these he would have nothing, and with his health problems he wouldn't survive. I have Medicare and a supplementary health plan. I am retired because I can't work and take care of my husband full time. Thank you for voting against these cuts.

Patricia P. - Kerrville

This country needs a health care plan; the Republicans are not offering any plan just obstructing any progress. Do NOT punish the doctors and do not lower medicare payments; seniors will be unable to find physicians and family practice docs are losing money. It is the INSURANCE companies and drug companies who are scaming the public. Make a change NOW.

Michelle B. - San Antonio

It's my Mom's story. She lives in a rural town in Ga and the only dr she can get is a quack. She has tried many others but they do not accept medicade. She has suffered 1 heart attack already,plus ahs a degenerative spine.It's really sad when there is no where to turn. If they do more cuts I am so worried about what will happen to her.

Jeff S. - Joshua

I would like to know if the congressmen and women are also going to
receive a 21% reduction to their pay to help out in this economic down
time, since they feel we(physicians) need to have a cut to help in this
downturn time.

Jeff Schlueter, DO AOBNP

Ann H. - Mesquite

we have to permanantly fix what is happening with the 21% cut to Doctors that accept medicare.

Mary Sue S. - Arlington

I am 63, unemployed, on COBRA, which will end in 2 months unless an extension is approved. I am too old to be hired, too young for Medicare, and have too may existing conditions to be able to afford COBRA replacement. I will be without insurance by the end of March. I will need to be able to have good coverage with my own doctors when I turn 65 in 16 months. Please do not turn them against Medicare patients by depriving them of their usual fees. If you can get them to reduce their fees so our care is not reduced, that's fine. But don't deprive the doctors: do something about the Insurance Companies who make billions in profits every year!!!
Thank you.

Mary Gray R. - Austin

I've already lost one doctor who decided to stop accepting Medicare reimbursement. Please don't cut payments again.

Lisa S. - Austin

I am having trouble finding new doctors for my 85 year old mother right now. It will be nearly impossible if the cuts go through.

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