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Tennessee Testimonials

Diane O. - Memphis

I am 67 years old and VERY concerned about cuts to Medicare. I have recently been turned down by a neuro-surgeon and an ob/gyn because they no longer take Medicare patients, and I don't blame them. Why should doctors have to work for a pittance? If congress had to have the program they are trying to force on us they would throw it out.

Patsy D. - Lyles

Unless you are a senior citizen on Medicare, you do not realize how important it is to continue to go to the doctor you have had for many years. They know you, they know your problems, etc. If you cut Medicare payments to doctors, many of them will decide not to treat us because they can't afford to. What will we do at that point? I am praying for our legislators that God will guide them as to the best things to do.

Nathaniel W. - Hermitage

My wife and I are retired and disabled and are 57 years old. She has Stage Four Inflammatory Breast Cancer and has just had a radical left Mastectomy. I have Congestive Heart Failure and Atrial Fibrillation as well as a C4-C6 spinal fusion. Neither of us can work anymore and Medicare cuts have already hurt us deeply, making it a struggle just to meet daily requirements, not to mention Medical Care. ANY cuts to our Medicare will make it almost impossible to survive. We stand to lose EVERYTHING we have worked all our lives to get. We CANNOT handle ANY MORE Medicare Cuts!!!

Elizabeth W. - Chattanooga

When my Mother moved to town to be near me six years ago, we already had trouble finding a doctor who would take new Medicare patients. We found one however, and she has continued to have the same excellent care she had in her long time home town. She has undergone several exremely expensive medical proceedures since she has been here with us. I cannot imagine life withour Medicare. If these cuts go through, more Mothers and Fathers will have difficulty or impossiblilty in finding care. My husband is not on Medicare, but his Federal insurance, now that he is Medicare age, is tied to Medicare reimbursement levels. Please do what it takes to preserve this lifeline that is given to our Senior Citizens...and to their children. I know it costs a lot. Raise my taxes if you must, but preserve Medicare in a form that will allow Physicians to treat the elderly without loosing money every time they see one.

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