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Ohio Testimonials

Jane C. - Fairborn

I strongly oppose the cut in Physician reimbursements for Medicare patients. They get very little as is, another cut will force them to deny seeing Medicare patients! Please, stop this from happening !

Edgar S. - Chagrin Falls

Our primary physician is still practicing, but is living on his savings. If this cut goes through, it will cost him more to practice than he will make and he will have to retire. We will have to find a new primary care after 40 years!

Patti W. - Brunswick

I am on Social Security Disability and Medicare is my only medical insurance. My husband had to take early retirement and is on Social Security with no medical insurance. Cuts in what Medicare pays my Doctor will result in more co-pay for my much needed care. I already have to pay for Part D--which by the way has gone up and added a 200 deductible. Can't afford most of my medical care now. And certainly don't want my Dr. to retire because he can't afford to live, either...

Mary L. - Akron

I am very much against the 21%cut to physicians in their Medicare Reimbursement. I have been on Medicare for two years and have a wonderful physicians. I am fearful that we will loose a large number of good physicians who are not millionaires, some are honest and dedicated and spend the needed time with their patients. They cannot add any additional patients to their practice to make up for the 21% loss. Please back Senate in a permanent repeal of this broken medicare physician payment formula. All of us seniors were forced to sign up for Medicare at age 65. Our health care is now in jeopardy. PLEASE HELP US.

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