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North Carolina Testimonials

Holly B. - Grandy

I recently attempted to locate an MD to provide routine care for an elderly friend who had moved to the Outer Banks. I phoned four physicians in the area and none were accepting new medicare patients. The closest MD I could find for this lady was 1 1/2 hours away! That is a terrible circumstance for seniors.

cyndi g. - summerfield

I am a 60 yearold retired nurse, who worked in the public health sector for 30 years. I have seen cuts by the government over and over to programs for those who cannot do anything for themselves- the physically and mentally challenged, children on Medicaid, and adults on Medicare. This is why I do not want the government messing with my health care. I am not for health care reform for everyone. If you are able to work, you should work. You show be able to buy insurance at an affordable rate. I am concerned about preexisting clauses for those who lose jobs, who are on unemployment, who have babies born with conditions that are not covered at birth because all of a sudden they have a preexisting condition. I feel reform should be for tort reform, to address reasons for preexisting(was it by choice to start your own business), to put caps on frivolous law suits so that lawyers do not get rich off the backs of others emotional or physical needs( look at way rewards are issued to families). If the government cannot manage to run the Medicaid and Medicare system without constant cutting what will the results be to us all if they take over it all???

Marjory G. - Hampstead

Although I very much support Health Care Reform, and understand the need to trim costs for "Entitlement" programs, I recently changed primary care physicians and was told the physician I chose would not take more Medicare patients. That was an eye-opener. Since I am also a cancer patient, I worry these cuts will impact the expensive treatments I may have to have or any new or "experimental" treatments that come on the market. Unless we curb ALL medical expenses, just cutting back on Medicare or Tri-Care will not fix the problem. Please work together to come up a more affordable and viable health care reform solution.

lewis h. - archdale

i would like to see every one of you put a stop on obem health plan untill you fix medcare. please do not take money away from medcare please i need it .it all i got
thank you

Patricia W. - Statesville

I can't understand why the congress is trying to cut Dr.'s payment under Medicare. The congress doesn't have need of these Dr.'s and also they can afford to pay much higher payments than the average person.
I am 75 years old, have no way to increase my income at this stage of my life, and having Dr.'s being forced to charge me much more for services and I have to pay for this will greatly effect the health care that I can afford to receive. I don't understand why they are doing this. Can't anyone in congress see how this will affect people like me?

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