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New York Testimonials

Marilyn P. - Ithaca

My own doctor's office (a family practice with several physicians) will no longer accept any Medicare patients because the payments do not cover the doctors' costs. This is a decision that most of the doctors in the practice don't want to make, but feel that they have to do this as this is the way that they make a living.

Norma V. - Jackson Heights

My husband and I a would be directly effected by such reductions in doctors' payments. Our health insurance is medicare,and some doctors have already told us that they would be forced to refuse medicare patients as they could not meet their expenses with such a reduction in payment.

Naomi M. - New York

As a Medicare recipient, I'm losing my choices for decent health care as more doctors are refusing to be subjected to the reduced payments, and are withdrawing from the program.

Christine D. - Pavilion

As a disabled senior who's ONLY insurance is Medicare, cuts to this service may drastically reduce my ability for treatment. If I cannot see my doctor when I need to, or if he cannot keep abreast of new developments which may help my conditions, what do you think that will mean to my life? I will probably end up in a wheelchair, not be able to afford care, not be able to afford a nursing home (which he probably wouldn't be able to visit anyway!) and end up a ward of the State of New York. I don't want to be a burden to anyone, and I certainly don't want to increase the already ridiculous expenses of the State, my friends and family by forcing them to have to pay even higher taxes to cover my care!

Sheila P. - New York

I have paid into Medicare for many years. Now that I am a Medicare recipient, I find that my doctor's are not accepting Medicare because they are getting less reimbursement. Stop the Medicare cuts. Not only will we not have health care reform, but Medicare is being destroyed... not by the Republicans, but by the Democratic Party. Protect us seniors.

Roy S. - Albany

I have no specific message, but know that at least in the area of Albany, NY more doctors are refusing to tske Medicare patients.

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