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Alabama Testimonials

Jane B. - Gadsden

Many doctors are already refusing to serve Medicaid patients. If Medicare patients' doctors' payments are cut, then the Emergency Departments will see more patients putting a strain on an already strained system.

Judith A. - Mobile

I have several wonderful doctors who have kept me mobile and functioning. They get paid so little under Medicare; I can't imagine paying them less.

Joyce N. - Birmingham

I urge you to please stop the Medicare doctor payment cuts! I believe I speak for millions of older Americans -- we've been there for you when you needed us and now we need you to help us! I have been a journalist for years, traveling the world to bring the latest news to you. I was a teacher who challenged you to be your best, promising you that if you always do the honest and "right" thing, your nights will be filled with peaceful slumber. I ask you now to work for me, for us, and not make the Medicare doctor payment cuts a reality. I worked on your behalf for years. Now it's your turn.

Mrs. J. - Montgomery

Since I am under Medicare and Tricare For Life, the payments to Doctors are already lower than most any others. I worry that further cuts to Medicare will block care to we military widows who rely on it and Tricare For Life.

Ellen K. - Adamsville

My parents have been searching for months, trying to find a physician who will take them. Doctors are abundant in their central Florida home. However, since they are on Medicare, none will accept them. They pay hundreds of dollars a month and even have supplemental insurance, but it doesn't matter. This is ridiculous. Something needs to give!

Frances J. - Phenix City

My parents and mother-in-law depend on Medicare. They couldn't afford quality medical care without it! Please reconsider the cuts to Medicare now and in the future. Let's take care of our elderly citizens. One day we're all going to be in their shoes.

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