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Illinois Testimonials

Don C. - Evansville

I am 68 years old and am on Medicare. My wife is 65 and just became elgible for Medicare. We worked all our lives and expected Mediare to be available for us in our golden years. I have worked in the medical profession and understand Doctors not wanting to treat Medicare Patients because of low reembursement fees. You cannot continue cutting those fees.

Bonnie M. - Orland Park

My 85 yr old mother says everyone she knows is afraid of what might happen to Medicare - please help avoid their worst fears!

Penelope D. - Bradley

I have a mother who is 94 years old and this could impact her in a very negative manner plus I am 66 years old. This cut is not what we had in mind for Medicare patients.

Connie B. - Granite

I heard a physician say that he was going to be forced to stop taking patients on medicare because medicare reimbursements were next to nothing. This is very sad for our seniors and disabled. They deserve medical
care too.

Carmelita B. - Chicago

I have ICE Syndrome, a genetic condition that leads to blindness because the lid gradually becomes glued to the iris. Separating the two only makes the situation worse. Cutting the payment to the opthamologist/retina specialist will only make it harder to find a specialist who treats this.

Sandra B. - Bourbonnais

I spent 10 days in the hospital in June 2009 for emergency surgery to the cost of over $100,000. Thank goodness for Medicare and my suplemental BlueCross. We would have lost our house or I would have lost my life without the coverage.

Barbara O. - Quincy

This past year, 2009, two of my doctors stopped taking Humana Insurance. This month, for the third time,I had to look for another doctor. How long will he be able to see me? I am 71 years old and need a doctor.

Clyde G. - Lockport

Please, No more cuts to Medacare.

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