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Idaho Testimonials

Teresa C. - Nampa

My 75 yr old father has already been turned away by 2 Drs. he has had for years because they "NO LONGER ACCEPT MEDICARE PATIENTS". He refused to go to the clinic they suggested that accepts WELFARE and MEDICARE! So he goes without I guess. He had they Drs for over 20yrs. He feels he worked hard all his life and doesn't deserve this treatment.

Barb C. - Coeur d'Alene

I spent several months trying to find a Dr. when I became eligible for Medicare 1/1/10. No choice if I like her or not!

Linda K. - Eagle

My husband and I, along with many friends, know a number of physicians who will no longer be able to afford to remain in practice if Medicare reimbursements are reduced any further. Medicare payments to physicians are already very low. Ensure the continuation of quality medical care for senior citizens by repealing any further cuts in this critically important resource for senior citizens.

Christopher C. - Boise

Right now there is not a single Psychiatrist in the Boise Valley that will accept a Medicare patient. Not One! There hasn't been for years. In 1996 I was lucky enough to find an Internal Medicine Physician that agreed to take over my current treatment because there was nobody else who would and he knew it. That was four years ago. Four years of receiving 50% of his usual fee because he is seeing me for mental health reasons. Most doctors lie to get the full 80% but my doctor just takes the loss. I don't know if he will continue to see me if he loses over 20% of the miniscule amount Medicare pays him now.

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