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Colorado Testimonials

Dr. Mark Laitos - Longmont
Charles P. - Pueblo

As a military retiree turning 65 next March, I am very concerned about how the provisions in the health care reform bill will affect my medicare reimbursement and my secondary payer through Tricare for Life. I have received excellent care through the military health care system at Fort Carson Colorado, but have recently been involuntarily disenrolled from my miltary doctor there, because of numerous reasons including the growth of the active duty force there, the distance I travel from Pueblo CO, and the perceived difficulty for newly eligible medicare beneficiiaries to find a civilian doctor. Most doctors now do not accept new medicare patients because of the low reimbursement rates. I have had to take an assignment to a civilian physician in the community where I live. I fear that my health care access and its quality may suffer. I hope not, but my previous experiences dealing with a civilian medical care system run by HMOs leaves me very skeptical. Most of them are only interested in keeping you breathing and not interested in providing preventative health care. Please consider the effects of your actions on ordinary citizens who don't have access to the excellent health care program you have. This country must begin taking better care of its citizens. Adequate health care and access for all should be a right, not a privilege of the rich.

Darleen G. - Greeley

As a Medicare dependant person, I strongly object to the possibility of not having the medical attention needed because of paymeny cuts. Please consider carefully when you vote on this. There are many of your constituents who count on you to do the right thing for them.

Deborah S. - Loveland

Our 35-year-old autistic son is helped by Medicaid and Medicare. His disability prevents him from living on his own. Doctor unwillingness to treat him, due to the March 1 Medicare cuts would leave him unable to receive the medications and care which keep him able to function.

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