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California Testimonials

Gay L. - Corte Madera

I am almost 79, and working harder than ever to pay for health care. We cannot afford a family doctor, ad indeed, nobody will take us on Medicare. If Medicare deteriorates, we will face moving out of the United States.

Mark C. - San Diego

Due to budget cuts in California, my doctor is not longer accepting Medi-Cal and has informed me that if the projected cuts take place he will no longer accept Medicare either. I am totally disabled and have no other insurance options or ways to pay for me medical care. Please stop the projected cuts to doctor reimbursement. Without being able to afford office visits, I'll end up hospitalized and cost the taxpayer much more than the government saved with it's current cut projections.

Patricia K. - Alameda

As a senior and knowing many seniors it is our right to have proper medical attention from well-qualified physicians who are paid a fair wage not having their pay cut.

Bob H. - Oakland

My wife and I are already having problems finding MD's to take us on a patients, even for mundane visits. With a 20% cut, we are terrified we will be able to find none. We are FURIOUS with Congress for, many times in the past, dipping into the the SS and Medicare "TRUST Funds" for other purposes.

Burt P. - Tarzana

My Wife & I are in our 70s & are on a fixed income. We cannot afford to pay doctors who do not participate in Medicare. Please do not lower the Medicare compensation to doctors.

Victoria G. - Cathedral City

My husband and I had a family practice here in the desert and we had to close the doors because of rising costs to us as caregivers. We would NEVER be able to properly serve anyone with medicare with these cuts anymore further more there just aren't enough doctors to go around, who in their right mind would expend such a length of time to educate themselves to such small pay. Everyone asumes that Dr.s make huge money. Im here to tell you that most Dr.s are deep in dept and hanging on to a thread. Something must be done soon. We will never practice again in this country. Thinking about LAW. LOL

Mika S. - Redondo Beach

My father served this country in the United States Air Force for 26 years! My parents worked hard all of their lives and now are facing cuts not only with Medicare, but with Tricare as well? It makes me irate to think what the government thinks of their seniors and military. We need to take care of our own FIRST!

Susan S. - Goleta

I am a retiree from a bank that is in Santa Barbara, California and as you know banks are not doing so well these days so because of that they cut my husband who is covered with my medically so now he only gets medicare coverage, cutting the medicare coverage for him will hurt us a lot all of us older people need to get medical coverage no cuts in medicare please, we have worked hard and paid all our taxes we want to be taken care of when we get old

David M. - Davis

My doctor will not take Medicare patients. There will be even more MD who will refuse medical care to senior if there are futher cute in Medicare. The government will either pay now or more when seniors go to emergency rooms instead of the MD who dropped them from reduced Medicare payments.

Flora B. - Sacramento

I am 65 years old. A retired teacher. My husband is 68 years old and, also, a retired teacher. We can live on our retirement, but please DO NOT cut Medicare! When people get older they need more care. You can gage the value of a country by how they treat those who need. Let's have our country be a county that values everyone, even those who need a little more loving care.
Thank you,
Ann Becker

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