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California Testimonials

M.Frances C. - Sebastopol

My doctor is seeing no new Medicare patients at all. My previous doctor cancelled all her Medicare patients. I am 80 years old and, while in good health, need to have a local doctor who can live on Medicare payments.

Flora B. - Sacramento

I am 65 years old. A retired teacher. My husband is 68 years old and, also, a retired teacher. We can live on our retirement, but please DO NOT cut Medicare! When people get older they need more care. You can gage the value of a country by how they treat those who need. Let's have our country be a county that values everyone, even those who need a little more loving care.
Thank you,
Ann Becker

Dian B. - Santa Cruz

In my area, some doctors refuse to accept Medicare patients and then when they do, they are paid at a low rate, as this urban area was once classified as rural! Please keep Medicare strong! An ounce of prevention is worth a dime of cure!!!

maggie S. - Sunnyvale

my mother is on medicare and is already affected by present expenses. I can not afford to pay her medical care costs

Sharon S. - San Francisco

I'm a Medicare Recipient and have noticed that for a long while that my doctors are not being paid a fair share for their services. We need to give them more respect and give them what they deserve.

Al C. - lakewood

My daughter is a stage 3 diabetic. She is a single mother of two. She was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer. The only thing is that her doctor is not sure its cancer but is relucton to do a biopsis. He says she needs a surgeon to do a partial nephrectooomy. The problem being that she is under medicare and it dosen't seem that htere any surgeons that want to do the operation. Time is running out for her and we are all trying to find someone out there that will help. Thank you for leting me post this. yours truely, Al

Jamie P. - Sacramento

I, like many Americans are worried for their mothers, grandparents, friends and self because of this fatally flawed health care system. Please fix this and do not turn your backs on medicare patients who have worked their whole lives to enjoy these benefits! This is the time that they desperately need affordable health care!

Dr. Jorge C. - Carlsbad

I am a primary care physician and I am already having trouble getting paid by the very inefficient Medicare system. I think if my reimbursement got any lower than it already is, i would have to stop accecting medicare patients. It would put me out of business.

Bonnie S. - Studio City

I am a 66 year old breast cancer survivor. Just TODAY I was referred to 2 doctors for consultation: NEITHER ACCEPTS MEDICARE. This is already difficult. Cutting back more would make it impossible for me to be able to get the care I need.

Diane d. - San Francisco

I am 75 years old. I have had an excellent primary care physician for the past eight years, but she may refuse to see me or ay other Medicare patients if any further cuts are enacted. Please do not allow this to happen to me and many thousands of other seniors across our nation.

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