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Arizona Testimonials

Gayle N. - Scottsdale

Please think long and hard about Medicare cuts. Doctors will no longer be able to treat those with Medicare because they cannot afford it. In my 75 years on earth I have seen cuts in services that rendered the very old and the very young helpless. If we (the elderly) need care there are other things we must do without, like food or heat so we can get our health needs met. We truly need health care reform but not on the backs of the elderly who have done so much for this Country.

John R. - Prescott

I have personally seen friends turned away by doctors because of Medicare issues and here in Prescott, Az, many doctors will not take new medicare patients anymore. Deal with the abuses, not the essential coverage.

Wendy H. - Mesa

I have been on Medicare for 18 months now and see how little the doctors are paid already. Please don't slash these payments any further. Fewer and fewer doctors will accept Medicare patients with each cut you make. That is not the solution to our broken health-care system. Please don't rob Peter to pay Paul.

Jennifer M. - Tucson

I am on Medicare and have had three of my doctors tell me that they will cut Medicare patients if there are more cuts to their payments. In smaller cities and rural areas there are places where there may be only one, or even no doctors taking Medicare patients. In the end, health suffers and patients with worsening problems have to travel long distances to see a doctor. It will cost everyone more. I hope you consider that when deciding on more payment cuts.

Charlene S. - Prairie Grove

We, as seniors, cannot find but a few doctors who will see us due to the pay scale of Medicare now. Any further cuts will prevent seniors for getting any care. Why do the cuts always come on the backs of seniors? This is the reward for all the years that we worked and paid our taxes? We have already had to deal with an unfair prescription coverage plan. Do you have a gap where you pay premiums and have no prescription coverage? Of course you do not then why should we. Why don't you, as our elected officials, take the same cuts in your insurance coverage. We would gladly accept the coverage you have for the premium you pay and be quite pleased. NO MEDICARE CUTS FOR THE DISABLED AND SENIORS!!!!

Helen D. - Surprise

If rates are lowered for Medicare Dr's the cost will be transferred to those who can least afford it. It hurts those on Medicare. Dr. will refuse to see them.

Rebekah P. - sahuarita

We have a child with rheumatoid arthritis and it is very hard to find a pediatric rheumatologist, period. Our Ped. Rheumatologist was kind enough to realize that and has decided to continue wit Tri West despite having to take a major deduction in pay. Had they not been willing to do that we would have had to drive at least 3 hours to pheonix every month for care. That's rediculous!

Faye N. - Peoria

I am close to 70 years old and have paid into Medicare for most of my life while working. Seniors are targeted with less and less each year! No Cost of Living raise to Medicare, now with doctors being targeted with less money for their services and it being harder to get the proper treatment, I am outraged at this thought! Why isn't Congress, Representatives and the President and families getting away with using OUR money to get better care than the people who helped put them in office!!!!! IT'S OUR MONEY AND HARD WORK AND WE CAN'T GET THE BENEFIT OF IT!!!!!!!!

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