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Washington Testimonials

Julie B. - Snohomish

My 80 year old father has already had doctors tell him they don't accept Medicare with out these cuts. I am less than 10 years away from medicare myself and my doctor clinic has told me they don't accept Medicare either and this was without these cuts.

Donn E. - Seattle

As a retired military person my tricare insurance is also dependent on medicare payments.

Constance B. - Staunton

I notice on each Medicare bill the great difference between my doctor's charge and the amount Medicare allows. I now understand why some doctors will not accept any more Medicare patients. I do not think it is fair to cut fees todoctors. They spend a lot.

Robert O. - Port Ludlow

I am 69 years old and suffered a catastrophic 40 foot fall. I fractured my pelvis in 20 pieces; had 150% of my blood replaced; two broken ribs punctured my left lung; major trauma to the body and head; and I am now crippled; will most probably require additional surgery and I'm in pain with lack of sleep almost constantly. Cuts in the Medicare and Tricare programs will be devestating both to me and my family. I am married and have three children in elementary school.

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